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Special note to all existing and upcoming customers: Due to the expensive nature of this Loyalty program, membership is limited to 500 members. There are 121 spots still available as of July 27, 2022.

I am looking for ways to expand the number of memberships, but it cannot be done at present. This means I can only guarantee membership space for now, for the first 500 members that place at least one order. I occasionally have to remove inactive members. Your main account with Cassette Comeback will never be removed, but you may have to sign-up with the "Cassette Coins" Loyalty program a second time and whenever you are ready to place an order. I trust you will understand this site's structure limitation. Thank you.

The entire inventory of the www.cassettecomeback.com store is priced in the USD$ currency. You can also choose to see and purchase with your choice of other currencies.

Thank you