Welcome to cassettecomeback.com !

Special note to all existing and upcoming customers: Our LOYALTY points program has been very popular, and so we have recently increased the number of memberships to 1000! As of January 31st., 2023.

Please keep in mind that as the number of memberships nears the 1,000 mark, we may have to remove inactive members or members who have not have yet placed an order.

Your main account with Cassette Comeback will never be removed, but you may have to sign-up with the "Cassette Coins" Loyalty program a second time and whenever you are ready to place an order. I trust you will understand this site's limitation. Thank you.

The entire inventory of the www.cassettecomeback.com store is priced in the USD$ currency. You can also choose to see and purchase with your choice of other currencies. Minimum order PLEASE: 2 Cassettes!

Thank you