Sell Your Cassettes

Sell Us Your Sealed Blank Cassettes!

We will buy only your Blank, Sealed cassettes. We do not deal with any pre-recorded cassettes either from the Music labels or private recordings.

We prefer to buy in bulk, usually more than 15-20 in one go. This will help keep shipping costs lower on a “per tape” basis, but there are exceptions.

Don't spend months selling them privately, sell them all in one go and enjoy the money RIGHT NOW.

Details required:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Tape Length
  • Condition. See bottom of this page.
  • Quantity
  • Location
  • Your best price
  • Please add high resolution pictures! Important!

Due to the number of cassettes offered, we cannot individually price them or make offers. Give us your best price and we will reply to you with a deal or no deal answer. 

Please note: Our preference is to pay you through PayPal. It's a very safe payment option. We will cover the typical average 4% PayPal added fee on top of the final agreed amount.

Thank You!


A note about the "condition" of sealed cassettes: The conditions we take highly in consideration when buying your tapes include the following: 
1. Is the wrapper without scratches? Whether they are minor or not, simply state it, as pictures may not adequately show scuffing or many scratches.

2. Is the wrapper without cuts and rips? Pictures will show.

3. Is the wrapper with one or multiple price stickers, or even worse, has anyone attempted to remove price stickers and then left a sticky mess of glue residue? It's often best to leave the prices stickers on! Some cassettes are sought after because of their price stickers! It's a nostalgic thing for collectors. They miss buying at their old stores, especially those that have long closed their doors and those that were iconic back in the day!

4. Where have your cassettes been stored all these years? Typically, if they have been kept inside your home, then they are probably in superb shape. If they not, where have they been kept? It is important you be truthful about this information. You need to understand that we intend to re-sell these tapes. Many people will simply collect them and will not open them up, and their performance will not matter as much immediately. However, we cannot guess what our customers will do with their purchased tapes from us. Most "still sealed" cassettes available, were manufactured 20-40 years ago, are still in amazing shape. When our customers open these sealed cassettes, they still expect to open a cassette free of mold and/or evidence of having been in contact with water (i.e., submerged in water, even if briefly). Cassettes that may have been kept in your garages or storage sheds will have endured a greater range of temperatures and may no longer be at their best, although most were made to be quite resistant to a wide range of temperatures. If you kept them in very damp basements, again, they may also no longer be up to par. After 20-40 years of some improper storage, many tapes will show clues of aging and decaying that well stored tapes will not. It is proper that you disclose to the best of your knowledge, where and how your tapes have been kept stored.

Thank you!