STUDIO LN - ~1988 - US

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STUDIO LN - 1988* - US

Unknown tape imported by LIDCO of Markham, Ontario for the Canadian Market. Probably meant for the first importers of dismal quality products from the PRC. In any case, buying TDK, Maxell and other better brands was not for everyone either.

Normal Bias. Type I. Year of distribution set at 1988, it is only my guess. I believe it was around this time that this kind of quality began to emerge from the PRC, but it could have been earlier. If you have additional information about this tape, please share it in order to be make it available to everyone here. Thank you.

Note: New one available Oct. 3, 2022. Has two rips on the wrapper. It also has two ~2cm hairline crack on the case (rear). The tape might surprise you though. It appears to be a very well cut pancake, and typically only tape sourced from decent manufacturers would come out this good. It also appears to be fairly dark tape.