Gemini MP - 1994 - US

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Gemini MP - Type I - 1994 - US

Made in China for Gemini Industries Inc. New Jersey, USA. 

High Energy, Low noise. Multi-purpose cassette. Dark tape but probably that type "0" we all refer to these days.

These come in a 3-Pack ensemble but I've opened them all and given them something more. These come with no J-Card, but I have some extra perfect TDK SA60 (1982) J-cards which I am including and then I am sealing them with high grade 75 gauge PVC shrink film to keep them better protected from dust and other elements.

The original colourful cardboard packaging will be made available to whoever asks for it, on a first come, first serve basis.

Note: Only 9 available. All Sold in March of 2022!