About Us

Welcome! Welcome to Cassette Comeback (Canada). As many of you know, Cassette Comeback was created by cassette revival icon Tony Villa in the UK. He has decided to retire his on-line web store as of March 31st. 2021, due mostly to the understandable lack of fresh new stock available. As you are well aware of, our inventories are not supported by the manufacturers of these relic sealed cassette tapes, but rather from many who have opted during the last 20-40 years not to send them to the landfills. Many have kept them around until a later day for many a varied and unknown reasons.

For those that do not know yet, my name is Antonio Cruz, Tony for short, and yes... it had to be another Tony!

I partnered up with Mr. Villa late November of 2019 (those were good times... you all know what I mean). I am hoping I can carry out his concept of selling NOS (New Old Stock) cassette tapes and continue to help the cassette revival movement. I might eventually fall victim to the same reasons that lead the UK store to close, but that time is not here yet.

Current Challenges: I do need your support without a doubt, and I will make this short and sweet. I reside in Ontario, Canada, and one of my biggest challenges is the fairly high shipping rates that I have to work with. I am currently losing between $1-$7 with practically every shipment depending where in the planet I am shipping to. I want to keep my shipping rates where they are for a little while longer until it becomes absolutely impossible to sustain them.
How can you help? By also helping yourselves. When you order specifically 10 tapes or 20 tapes (these exact and specific quantities) I can much easily offset a small loss with shipping as opposed to when I get an order for 2 or 3 tapes or 12 or 14. Also, by ordering 10 or 20 you also bring down your cost of shipping per tape. Simple mathematics. You are still welcome to order whatever amount you prefer and I will gladly fulfill my end of the deal. Also, keep in mind that if you wish to order more than 20 tapes in one go, you will need to send me an email to let me know. This will simply require some additional work but it is not an issue.

Warranty & Technical Issues: All tapes I buy, are thoroughly wiped down clean and disinfected with a mild surface cleaning solution that has no odor. They also go through a visual inspection to avoid sending you tapes that may appear to have mold inside or other visible undesirable properties. I typically also open one tape from most batches I receive, for two reasons. One, to take photos of the actual tape inside, and two, to inspect for things such as mold, and/or the presence of other non-desirable elements.
If I happen to inspect or test tapes that show decaying properties like magnetic layer(s) shredding and other easily visible defects, I will not sell such tapes or if I do, such properties will be disclosed. Overall, sealed tapes you receive from me, will have gone a fair amount of quality inspection as described above. On the technical front, if your cassette deck is not equipped to properly calibrate and/or adjust the bias of certain tapes, or you do not have sufficient knowledge to adequately handle challenging tapes such as pure chrome tapes, as an example, I will not provide you with a refund. Most manufacturers of these decades-long "survivors" no longer exist, and whatever remains of some of them, all their warranties have all but expired. It makes no sense therefore that I would offer any kind of warranty on these relics. This is nothing new to any NOS cassette tape enthusiast.

Thank you kindly for your support.

Tony Cruz