Woolco MP90 ~1991 - CA

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Woolco - MP90 - CA

Made in China for Woolco, Canada circa 1991.

I remember going to the Woolco located at the Dufferin Mall in Toronto around the early 90's and seeing these tapes for 99 cents each, or probably even less at some point. They would sell them loosely from a huge shipping box (about 1 cubic metre) nailed to a skid/Pallet pretty much anywhere they could find space on their floors. I can't remember if I ever bought any though. Walmart bought most Woolco stores early in 1994.

These are type I, but I think they best fit the recently created category of type "0". ;)

I have had a hard time finding these Woolco tapes sealed. This is actually the only one I have. Their only real value is nostalgic. Don't expect these to give you great recordings.

Note: Only one available!