TK TA60 - 1995 - SK

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TK ~1995 - TA 

Made in... ??? South Korea by SKC?

Here is another total mystery of a cassette. Well cut tape pancakes and familiar hubs, with visibly good clear shells, one coloured slip sheet on side A, and a clear slip sheet on side B. All clues hinting at a possibly decent type I tape. Individually sealed. My guess? SKC.

Manufacturing year is unknown. Estimated year of production: 1995. From the internet, you can find two other cassettes with the "TK" brand name in some auction site in Uruguay.  I was also informed by seller that the previous owner of these tapes was an avid traveler to Russia. He figures he may have gotten these from there.

Other Notes: No visible J-Card (this is a first!). Zero information where it was made. To be used under the 120μs setting, therefore it is a Type I tape, with no other description of any kind.

If you have more information about this cassette, please share it with us, and it will be posted here for the benefit of everyone.

Comment: Total inventory: 4. Made available one at a time.