Spartan - 1988 - PRC

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Spartan - HE-60 - PCR

Made in China

Type I tape and visibly decent enough for some basic recording. Note: The Gold foil paper label has come unglued from the cassette shell. After you open it, it is your choice to gently glue back on to it, or not.

Manufacturing year is unknown. Estimated year of production: 1988. If you have more information about this brand and this tape, please share it with us, and it will be posted here for everyone.

By Hi-Tech, China. They produced a type 1 series they named MK II Master Kinetik, and catalogued it as an SD-90 (90 minutes) and seems to resemble some of the Memorex that was also produced in China from the early 90's and later. Again, it seems to be of decent quality.