Sound Breeze CR-90 ~1983 - US

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Sound Breeze CR-90 ~1983 - US

Another tape that so little is known about it, yet everything about it, screams high quality. To begin with, it's made in Japan by SNC, a trade mark of Soda Nikka Co. Ltd.

SNC describes this type II tape as having very high properties with super cobalt oxide fine magnetic particles finely dispersed in a special formulation (they all had special formulations back then, didn't they?) to assure good sensitivity in the entire frequency range. "Good for music recording". They go on to ensure us their sturdy shell and other moving parts were high precision made to ensure smooth and stable tape travel.

The year of production for this tape is unknown. Shell style tells me early 80's, so I'm guessing ~1983 for the sake of putting something down. If you have good information about this good looking tape, please let me know and I'll add it here.

Sound Breeze - CR-90 ~1983 - US