Sensus - 1984 - CA

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Sensus - 1984 - CA

Outsourced cassette by Albam International Co. of Toronto, Canada. Manufactured by Saehan, who made very good cassettes. Year of production (Estimated): 1984

Saehan manufactured a number of similar tapes between ~1984 and 1988 for Samsung and Magnex, as well as Memorex. This is a very well put together tape and quite scarce a find.

Note: Only 1 available!

About Saehan:

Saehan Media was a Samsung-owned South Korean company. It was one of the world's largest manufacturers of compact cassetes tapes. Throughout the 1990s, many of the long established companies had stopped manufacturing cassettes altogether. Most decided it was more economical and profitable to outsource cassette manufacturing to Saehan, SKC, RAKS and other companies. Saehan manufactured cassettes for BASF, Maxell, Memorex, SONY, and many others. Their quality was unquestionable.

Sensus - 1984 - CA