SBR ~1984 - EU

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SBR FE - 1984 - EU

A totally unknown Type I cassette tape made in Switzerland. My guess? Probably manufactured around 1984-86. No UPC bar codes is the best clue. Shells are common of this era, mostly resembling some of the PDMagnetics cassettes around 1984, which was also made in Switzerland. If you have more information on this cassette and company, please let me know and I will share it here with everyone, and your name will be mentioned if you prefer it. Thank you.

Update !!: April 22, 2024. Once again, Mr. J.F. of Newmarket, Ontario, has brought some insight about odd and random mystery cassette tapes. He took notice that on eBay, under listing no.154883259497 (current in Macedonia), a vintage SBR Stereo Centre is featured with the same SBR Logo. Keen eye! Thanks J.F.!

NOTE: These are Rare as... rare can be. There is no trace of them anywhere on the Internet. They appear to be of decent quality. They are box-fresh cassettes, with nearly perfect "Clear" wrappers. Priced higher than a typical Type I for this era, but not priced as an absolute Rarity. Only 3 in stock.


Made in Switzerland. This company also made Stereo equipment.

SBR ~1984 - EU