Samsung SQC - 1997 - EU

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Samsung SQC - 1997 - EU

A "Studio Quality Cassette" apparently... everything about this tape says it is a high-end super ferric. These are an absolute bargain. Not too many available. If you a special recording to do, these are fabulous tapes!

Saehan in Korea made a lot of tapes for other manufacturers towards the end of cassettes being in the mainstream.

Fuji, Maxell, Mitsubishi and BBC were among those that re-branded Saehan cassettes, like Samsung have here.

So this shares its shell with many other cassettes, but the Samsung versions aren't that common.

These are just good Type I cassettes. Sturdy and very clear shell.

They need Noise Reduction and some positive bias, and can be perfectly musical.

New video review from Tony Villa coming soon on this tape! June 2022.

Samsung SQC - 1997 - EU