Recoton - SCX-II ~1998 - CA

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Recoton - SCX-II - Type 2

Made in China. Good luck finding these sealed.
Only 1 available.

Note: These are probably as good (or as bad as the Protek SCX-II 1995). These were also imported by the same Canadian company, now under a different company name: Recoton Canada Ltd. as opposed to Proturn.

The tape pancake is still smooth and nicely cut, but the silver label is not properly set. The goal to produce the worst possible quality with everything was now well under way. By this time, the precision standards required by the Germans or the Japanese were a thing of the past and it was not aimed only at this industry. Nonetheless it may yet prove to be a decent surprise.

Imported for the Canadian Market by Recoton Canada Ltd. (again, probably a Proturn Inc. company). Located years ago on 65 Riviera Drive in Markham, Ontario. There is a Pro Turn Ltd. involved in the sound recording industry in Port Perry, ON, but I am not sure if it stemmed from the Proturn Inc. in Markham.