REALISTIC SUPERTAPE XR Extended Range - 2001 - US

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Realistic Supertape XR Extended Range

Realistic were a brand of Radio Shack / Tandy Corporation.

This was a US made cassette, from the late 80s, also widely distributed in Canada.

Note: There are a total of 6 of these cassettes available. One pack of 3 was opened for pictures and there is one other pack of 3 still wrapped. These will be offered individually and will be re-sealed(*), unless you opt to buy the 3-pack.

Note: The 120 Minutes show as a set of 3 still wrapped, but they are primarily meant to be sold individually. If you are quick and buy the only 3 available ones all at once, you will receive the set still wrapped. SOLD!

NOTE (*): Professionally re-sealed to protect the tape inside from outside elements and to avoid the case from getting scratches and dirt.