REALISTIC SUPERTAPE Extended Range - 1988 - US

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REALISTIC SUPERTAPE Extended Range - 1988 - US

Realistic were a brand of Radio Shack / Tandy Corporation.

This was a US made cassette, from the late 80s, also widely distributed in Canada.

Supertape extended range is Radio Shack’s premium normal bias (type I) tape. This high performance tape is designed to provide superior recordings on all cassette equipment. The precision-engineered cassette mechanism ensures excellent tape tracking and performance even in automotive systems.

This is a Super Ferric tape! It just does not get cheaper than this for a Super Ferric tape. We are all paying $20 to $30+ for Super Ferrics everywhere. These are scarce tapes and you will be sorry you missed out on them. Highly, highly underrated.

Note 1:
The 3rd. choice is a Bilingual (English & French) tailored specifically for the Canadian market. Much Rarer than its US counterpart. The wrapper(s) may contain a small rip (repaired) or some light scuffing.

Note 2: The two (2) US 90 Minutes cassettes available... have some wrapper blemishes (some small rips, but still collectible). Best use: Open them up and record on Super ferric Tape for cheap!!! These are priced lower by $1.79 than when the wrapper is in perfect or nearly perfect condition.

See Tony Villa's video below on these Realistic Supertapes!
te: Tony Villa's cassette tape reviews are unavailable until further notice! Removed April 30, 2024.