REALISTIC New Advanced Formula - 1973 - US (Supertape)

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REALISTIC New Advanced Formula - 1973 - US

Realistic were a brand of Radio Shack / Tandy Corporation.

This was a US made cassette in the early 70s,  (1973-1977) also widely distributed in Canada.

New Advanced Formula. Radio Shack’s improved normal bias (type I) tape from their pre-1973 run.

Stunning metallic blue and gold colours on the outside of the J-Card. The pictures, inasmuch as I tried to come with the best pictures, these still do it no justice. These people knew a thing or two about how the looks of a J-card can sell the most of basic cassette tapes.

This value of this tape is basically nostalgic. It is a rare tape if you find them new, never used. However you have to know where you are putting your money. These tapes were sold to me unsealed. They were housed inside a 12-tape cardboard box, but no plastic wrapper on them. The two types I am selling here have been inspected and verified to be new, never used. I also took the liberty of sealing them afterwards, as per the pictures. The reason is simple, it will keep the tape inside better protected from dust and other elements. This tape is roughly 45 years old. You should not expect that it would perform as well or be as good as a tape produced a decade or two later or especially when compared to some of the new fresh tapes. This is a true nostalgic collector's prize. You can request the original cardboard box if you wish. It's in impeccable condition. First come, first served.

NOTE: Last 2! These originally were distributed and sold with no plastic wrappers. I sealed them to protect the tape from outside elements and prevent the case from getting scratches and dirt.

REALISTIC New Advanced Formula C-90 - 1973 - US