Quantegy 472 Type II - 1996 - US

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Quantegy 472 Type II - 1996 - US

Professional Studio Series. Type II High Bias. 70μs EQ setting.

Made in the USA. Brilliant tape and very well put together. The shell of this tape is exactly like the Loran 1990 series, also US made tapes. There may have been some collaboration at some point between Loran and Ampex (Quantegy), or the acquiring of Loran by Quantegy, or even an amalgamation of these two companies, but information about any of this does not exist on the internet. Very dark magnetic tape. I'd acquire as many of these as I possibly could. Quality here is undeniable.

If anyone has information about these US companies worth sharing, by all means, please let me know, and I'll make it available here for every cassette enthusiast. Thank you.  

NOTE:  Only 2 available.

About Quantegy:

Formerly known as Ampex. This was a prominent name in the production of professional grade magnetic recording tape. They also produced high quality Reel-to-Reel tape. Highly regarded for their commitment to high quality manufacturing standards, their products were very popular with many professional recording studios, radio stations, and other audio production facilities. They ceased operations in 2005 due to the changes in the industry and its demands for magnetic tape. A story so well known for literally all top end tape manufacturers. 

Quantegy - 1996 - US