PCM Musichrome ~1982 - CA

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PCM Musichrome ~1982

Well, just when you thought you had heard about all the tapes that were made ions ago and knew about all the tape manufacturers of magnetic tape... PCM was a Canadian manufacturer of Reel to Reel tape and spools, but apparently they also made some magnetic tape for compact cassettes!

Visually it's a stunning tape. It is very dark, very smooth and shiny. All the physical qualities you wish to see on a tape. Sonically I have not had the opportunity to test it. The shells are very decent with a relief texture on them, held by the common 5 screws, which is always a good feature. Common case and a good J-card. The label on it is the least appealing part of this tape with some parts having lifted off the surface of the shells.

NOTE: Super Rare and only 4 available.

About PCM Canada Magnetics Limited

Incorporation Date: 15 March 1962
Dissolution Date: 6 May 2004
Last address: 1072 Rangeview Road, Port Credit L5E1H3


PCM Musichrome - Made in Canada.