Luxman K-109 3-Head Cassette Deck

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Luxman K-109 3-Head Cassette Deck

  • 3-Head Deck
  • 4-Track, 2-Channel Stereo
  • NR: Dolby B and C
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 23kHz  (Metal tape)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 73dB  (dolby C)
  • Wow and Flutter: 0.022%
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.6%
  • Dimensions: 438 x 346 x 124mm
  • Weight: 9.8kg

  • Made in Japan. Serial number: 51010559

Note 1: This Deck was just repaired. March. 1, 2023 by Klaasson Vintage Audio, of Orillia, Ontario. See note left by Technician.

Note 2: The Playback Level is about 2-3 dB lower than the Recording level. It delivers clear, sharp sound and is mechanically 'perfect', meaning I cannot detect any fault in its transport functions. Dolby B and C is also working to spec. The headphones signal is clear and static free. All counter functions are working to spec as well as the music search functions. 

Limited Warranty: 30 Days from the day it arrives at your house when shipped by a Carrier. Covered for the mechanical, and NR systems. The Record calibration and Bias tone level calibration are working, balanced and respond to the +/- adjustments. It does not feel however as if they are 100% fully optimized yet. All 4 potentiometers were actually just replaced and inside, the electronics boards are also in excellent condition and clean. It is a deck that has had very little prior service. It clearly feels there is still some room for improvement, but for me, the buck stops here. I am happy to use it and keep it, but it is also priced conservatively. You will have to cover the expense to ship it back in case you initiate a warranty claim, but re-shipping back to you will be covered by CassetteComeback at no added cost to you. Warranty coverage is limited. Please inquire. Warranty Expires July 31, 2023.

Note 3: Furthermore, Rec. Cal and Bias Cal. were finally corrected to an acceptable performance level by Klaasson Vintage Audio, to correct a combination of horrendous and phantom work recently provided by Tom McCartney of Etobicoke, Ontario, who showed he was much more interested in lining up his pockets than providing the required service. I highly suggest you avoid Tom McCartney at all costs. He proved to be very unprofessional and unimaginably greedy.

Shipping: I will ship the Cassette Deck to most places in the world. For the best shipping rates, please send me an email after you have left the deck (and/or plus tapes) in the "cart". Combined shipping with your choice of blank cassette tapes (if any) is offered in order to keep shipping costs lower.  

Luxman K-109 3-Head Cassette Deck

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