LG - SHP - 1992 - US

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LG SHP-60 1992 US

"A bonafide Super Ferric. It took levels that shouldn't have!" Tony Villa. See his video below for a full review. Tony Villa rated this cassette as his top choice in this video. Rating it even higher than another surprising bonafide super ferric, the Memorex dB made for the US/Canadian markets.

Very creative and colourful arrangement with the hubs, rollers and clips. Very clear shell held together with screws (not welded).

"Super High Performance" as quoted by LG, denoting a high quality ferric!

Note: October 20, 2021 : This is a very underrated and mistakenly overlooked cassette, you'll be sorry you didn't get a few of these! You can no longer find them at any price including... you know where. Last seen there at $9.99 and 12.99. Very few in stock now!

Going, Going... Gone!

LG Electronics Inc.

Made in Seoul, South Korea. The perfect "Mix-Tape" design! 60 minutes, the right amount of time to say how much you care on a high performance ferric. Beautiful creativity by LG by having various parts of the tape in 4 different colours.

(Green, Yellow, Purple & Orange).

LG SHP-60 1992 US