Fuji ZII - 1995 - US

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Fuji ZII - 1995 - US

This tape is probably best compared to the Green wrapper Fuji Z.

Fuji describes these 2 tapes as follows:

FUJI Z ----------
* Double Coating
* Clear Sound
* Low Noise
* Studio Quality
* Fuji Standard Shell
* Fuji Standard Plastic Case
* Tape Made in Japan. Assembled in Korea

FUJI ZII ----------
* Double Coating
* Clear Powerful Sound
* Super Low Noise
* Master Quality
* Super Hard Shell

* Fuji Upgrade Black Case
* Made in Japan

This is another high performance Type II Fuji tape, and Fuji was second to none, in every category.  High quality magnetic tapes and the employ of the high quality products in the assembly of the cassette shell. Their magnetic tape pancakes were also typically cut as smooth as the very best in the industry, truly second to none in this respect. Their overall finished product was visibly flawless. Perfection in every way. Never turn down a Fuji tape!

About Fuji:

Fujifilm Holdings Corporation (富士フイルム株式会社 Fujifuirumu Kabushiki-kaisha), trading as Fujifilm (stylized as FUJiFILM), or simply Fuji, is a Japanese multinational photography and imaging company headquartered in Tokyo.

Fujifilm's principal activities are the development, production, sale and servicing of business document solutions, medical imaging and diagnostics equipment, cosmetics, regenerative medicine, stem cells, biologics manufacturing, optical films for flat panel displays, optical devices, photocopiers and printers, digital cameras, color film, color paper, photofinishing equipment, photofinishing chemicals, graphic arts equipment and material

Fuji ZII - 1995 - US

Made in Japan