Ferro Special ~1997 - EU

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Ferro Special ~ 1997 - EU


This cassette is a complete mystery to me and Google... because they also know nothing about the origins of this tape. I bought these last year from a fellow in Denmark and the consensus is that apart from being distributed out of the Netherlands, nothing else is known about them. The Dutch cassette enthusiasts have an opportunity here to let all other tape aficionados know a bit more about one of their cassettes. All comments about this tape are welcome here and it will be shared with everyone.

This cassette, is a true industry manufactured cassette that was produced a few good years ago, unlike many "homemade" recently made reel-to-reel cassettes being offered on eBay and other sites.

Some facts:
(1) The reels are made with what appears to be an "Aluminum" alloy, they are not plastic. 
(2) The shells were originally meant for a Type II cassette, but the tape is Type I (or maybe even a decent Type 0). This actually means you can replace the existing tape with a Type II tape.
(3) I opened one up to test it and I was able to "Bias' it at "0" and Calibration at "-1". Some minor evident of drop-outs and some distortion at levels of +2. A Teac V-7010 was used for this test. I will produce a short YouTube video to show the results. Calibration was only achieved after I covered the "Type II" holes on the cassette shell to let the Cassette Deck read it as "Type I".
(4) I had trouble with this one tape I opened up. For some strange reason the tape was spooled (twisted onto the plastic base coat) on incorrectly between the 3rd minute and 8th minute. I removed this tape and then there was no more trouble. I do not know what to expect from the other sealed cassettes. 

NOTE: This tape is not a quality tape. Everything else about the cassette is fine and you will not find a true, sealed, "REEL" cassette for this price anywhere. These should be used mostly for collecting purposes or display purposes on some of your decks or boomboxes. You can always replace the tape, but that is one job I will not do myself. 33 Available.
NOTE: Now only 18 available. September 16, 2023.
NOTE: Update... there are only 5 now! September 27, 2023! 

Please see all pictures available. 

About this Metall-Spulen (Metal-Reel) 

Distributed out of the Netherlands.

The year it was released is nothing but a mere guess from me. For inventory purposes, I have to attribute a year of manufacturing to it, and it feels like 1997 is as good any other guess. 
If you happen to have any knowledge about these cassettes, please let me know and it will be shared here with everyone. Credits will be in your name!

Ferro Special ~1997