EQ Pro Type I C-90 (Single Tape or 5-Pack). 2021 Issue.

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EQ Professional Type I C-90. Issue 2021. Until Supplies last!
* 1 Single Cassette:   $4.25/per cassette : Try One!
* 1-Pack (5 Cassettes):   $19.99 =  $3.99/cassette

New Fresh Type I magnetic cassette tapes made in the UK!
NOTE: These are slightly different than the ones originally shown. Still very attractive though! Now, it features a blue leader tape and nice black hubs.

Technical specifications now available at the bottom of this page! . Visibly, it is a very smooth, shiny and dark tape. For many of us these characteristics sum up to one word... "Quality". Not to mention, this is absolutely fresh manufactured tape!

The cassette tape comes sealed within a standard clear plastic case, J-Card and labels as per the images available.

We are happy to bring this tape out to all tape enthusiasts, and we are confident it will not disappoint. It uses the best standard of magnetic tape currently available to the retail and professional music industry. We cannot wait to hear your comments about it.

Note: You can buy other tapes and combine them with these EQ tapes, which are available as of May 17th. Maximum of 20 tapes altogether. These are introductory prices, so that everyone can give them a try. Single tapes will be available May 31st., 2021