Audition SX1 ~1984 - CA

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Audition - SX1 ~1984 - CA

Imported for Canadian Retails Stores (Woolco of F.W. Woolworth Co. Ltd) circa 1984. Audition (by Cassion?) was made in all likeliness in Japan at some point. There is visible quality here. I have not opened one of these yet though.

These are actually well put together. The tape is visibly darker than the Cassion. The tape pancake is exceptionally well cut, which is often an indication of very decent manufacturing quality procedures and standards. These also have a high quality thin cardboard box that envelop the cassette plastic case, much like the XHE line of tapes. This cardboard features high quality printing and metallic colour finishes. 

Note: Only one available! These are Rare tapes.