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Ampex 20/20+ (#364) - C90 - 1978

Studio Quality Audio Cassette by Ampex imported by Ampex of Canada, Bramalea, Ontario.

Made in Mexico (?) Unsure.

These tapes were not individually wrapped. An orange sticker on the outside of a plain clear plastic wrapper is the only real evidence these were meant to be packaged and distributed this way. These were meant to be practical and made for immediate use, with no frills.

The tape inside seems to be of very good quality, good leader tape, and felt pad. The black shells also seem to be of very decent grade. The black label is made out of good paper, but after 44 years now, the glue has crystalized and it protrudes through the paper making it sparkle to no end.    

Note: I have re-sealed all 3 available tapes to keep the cassette tape free from outside elements, dust, etc. There are 6 pictures available for your perusal. 

Ampex 20/20+ (#364) - 1978