Pioneer N1x - 1983 - SA - B-Grade

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Pioneer N1x - 1983 - Central & South America

Pioneer cassettes were only sold for a short amount of time and in limited outlets. They weren't seen in chain stores, or sold in packs of 10.

Pioneer are therefore one of the most consistently expensive blank cassette brands out there, especially this one, which was made for the South American market.

They were made by Denon.

However, that doesn't stop this being a superb Type 1 with a really well made and finished shell, which looks retro-cool.

But they are rare and expensive, and that's just the way it's going to be, unless someone uncovers a warehouse full of them...

Pioneer N1x - 1983 - Central & South America

B-Grade (?) - This might be a unique opportunity to get one of these rare Pioneer tapes for considerably less money. I have only got seven (7) of these "supposedly" B-Grade tapes. What makes me downgrade these tapes is something slightly peculiar about their wrapper. When I put them side-by-side with the other cleaner looking inventory of these Pioneer tapes, I cannot see them the same way.
It is the visual aspect that has me downgrade them. Why? The wrapper seems to have an "more aged" look around the edges (ageing glue discoloration?). I have opened up the worst looking one of these (see pictures) and I found nothing wrong with it. I have now opened two of these tapes, and I've got nothing to report. My fear, as it was suggested by a customer of Cassette Comeback, who had recently bought these from me, was the possible presence of mold, but that turned out not to be the case.  The tape and the shell look absolutely fine, and the label and the J-card also display slight traces of ageing. The last one of these 7 will be sold as B-Grade* (*opened never-used with cut-open wrapper included).

Below are the actual pictures of these downgraded Pioneer tapes. Made by Denon for Pioneer.