Nakamichi ZX-7 3-Head Cassette Deck

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Nakamichi ZX-7 3-Head Deck

Almost fully functional cassette deck and recently serviced by Tom McCartney of Etobicoke. ON. "The deck is mechanically perfect but I could not find a replacement oscillator, T.M.". The deck plays and sounds brilliant, but cannot record properly without a new oscillator.

I will ship the Cassette Deck to most places in the world. Please send me an email with your request and address, and I will find the best possible shipping rate available. Recent shipping of a similar deck to New Jersey cost $58.00 USD.

Note: November 16, 2022. The shipping rates that will show here when you are trying to buy a cassette deck or cassettes are often grossly overstated. This seems to occur mostly with packages sent outside of the US and Canada. If you feel the shipping charges you are seeing are too high, send me an email and ask for a quote. If you decide it's "easier" to take a chance, do not worry as I myself hate high shipping costs. I will automatically refund you excessive shipping fees. Just last week a package of cassettes to Chile was automatically granted a $19 USD credit back to their account, and a $29 USD credit to a purchase from Norway.

Note: Contrary to what the listing may show at the top of the page, if you are from Canada, taxes will be added according to each Province's tax laws.