ToneMaster - 1989 - US

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ToneMaster - 1989 - LN - US (PRC)

Made in China

Type I tape and visibly decent enough for some basic recording. Well cut tape pancakes typically hint at a possibly decent basic type I tape, but the general consensus out there is that it is not a very good tape. Cheap yet nostalgic cassettes we all saw in stores like KMart and other similar stores.

Manufacturing year is unknown. Estimated year of production: 1989. If you have more information about this brand and this tape, please share it with us, and it will be posted here for the benefit of everyone. Imported by East West Distributing of Illinois for the American market.

Note:  There are only 6 of these cheap nostalgic tapes. One has a small hairline crack on the case (front) and one other has a small tear on one of the edges. Both defects are too insignificant to have them listed as B-Grade.