Scotch Master III - FeCr - 1979 - (Type III)

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Scotch Master III - FeCr 90 - 1979 - US

Scotch / 3M were pioneers in tape.

Their Reel To Reel tape was used in many a studio. Their cassettes were around from the early days too.

Then they realized that it was more economical to just re-brand their cassettes and have them made by someone else.

These Master III, Ferri-Chrome tapes, made in the USA, don't need much introduction when it comes to rarity and quality. 

NOTE: I will have about a dozen superb "used" samples as well, more so for your curiosity at a fraction of the cost of a new one. The "used' tape is absolutely in fantastic shape. No railroad tracks, very shinny and smooth. You can have them with the original owner's recorded music on them or I can bulk erase them individually with the "Sound Off" cassette eraser, the QM 230 by Nortronics, said to "erase to a level 66dB below the original recording and any remaining signal to be less than 1/2,000th of the original recording level". Please let me know which you prefer. These will come in a new clear plastic case with a new TDK SA60 J-card or its original stackable case as shown. See pics. and specify your choice. RARE in this condition.

About Scotch / 3M:

Five businessmen founded 3M in Two Harbors, Minnesota, in 1902.[7] Originally a mining venture, the goal was to mine corundum, but this failed because the mine's mineral holdings were anorthosite, which had no commercial value.[7] Co-founder John Dwan solicited funds in exchange for stock and Edgar Ober and Lucius Ordway took over the company in 1905.[7] The company moved to Duluth and began research and producing sandpaper products.[7] William L. McKnight, later a key executive, joined the company in 1907, and A. G. Bush joined in 1909.[7] 3M finally became financially stable in 1916 and was able to pay dividends.[7]

The company moved to St. Paul in 1910, where it remained for 52 years before outgrowing the campus and moving to its current headquarters at 3M Center in Maplewood, Minnesota in 1962.[8]

The company began by mining stone from quarries for use in grinding wheels. Struggling with quality and marketing of its products, management supported its workers to innovate and develop new products, which became its core business.[9] Twelve years after its inception, 3M developed its first exclusive product: Three-M-ite cloth. Other innovations in this era included masking tape, waterproof sandpaper, and Scotch brand tapes. By 1929, 3M had made its first moves toward international expansion by forming Durex to conduct business in Europe. The same year, the company's stock was first traded over the counter and in 1946 listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The company is currently a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and of the S&P 500.

Scotch Master III - FeCr 90 - 1979 - US