Nakamichi EX-II - 1983 - US

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Nakamichi EX-II - 1983 - US

At some point (mid-80's), some reviewers, critics and experts believed that the best Type I cassettes were among the best cassettes ever made.

You wonder why Type III cassettes never took off? It's because of the likes of the TDK AD-X, AR-X, Fuji FR-I-S, Maxell XL-I-S, BASF Super Ferro I, Denon DX-4... Super, Super-Ferrics.

These Super-Ferric formulations can take signal like a Type IV, but can be played in any deck or Walkman. Defined treble, great bass and compatible with everything.

You want more bass than a Type II? These are it!

You want treble like a Type II? These are it!

TDK produced these cassettes for Nakamichi. This EX-II tape is probably a TDK's 1982 Super Ferric formulation, ie. "OD 1982/83"

Use a bit of negative bias, and be amazed at how good a "lowly" Type 1 can be...

Note: These are box-fresh cassettes with no wrapper defects. These are very RARE Premium Tapes. Your "Cassette Coins" from the Cassette Comeback Loyalty program will allow you to buy this tape with up to 12%, which will reduce the price down to $96.69 (90 Minutes)! If that's not a discount... idk!

About Nakamichi:

See Wikipedia:

Nakamichi Corp., Ltd. (株式会社ナカミチKabushiki-Gaisha Nakamichi) is a Japanese consumer electronics brand that originated in Japan and gained a name from the 1970s onwards for innovative and high quality audio cassette decksNakamichi is a subsidiary of Chinese holding company Nimble Holdings.[1]

Nakamichi manufactured electronic devices from its founding in 1948 but only sold them under its name from 1972. It is credited with offering the world's first three-head cassette deck.[2] Since 1999, its product range has included design-oriented home cinema audio systems, sound bars, speakers, headphones, mini hi-fi systems, automotive stereo products and video DVD products.

Nakamichi EXII - 1983 - US