Hitachi - SR - 1981 - EU

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Hitachi SR - 1981 - EU

1964 - Maxell Electric lndustrial Co., Ltd. changed its name to Hitachi Maxell, Ltd

In essence Hitachi Cassette Tapes are Maxell rebranded cassette tapes.

In this case SR-C90, a tape manufactured circa 1981 is in all likeliness a Maxell UD-XL-I, XL-I or even an XL-I S tape.

Remember that at this time Maxell was fully owned by Hitachi. Same company and same tape formulations, etc., etc., However these Super Ferrics probably should be even priced higher than Maxell's Super Ferrics as they are much rarer, yet they are priced much lower! Very clean and box-fresh.

These are very rare tapes and I don't have many to offer.