Chrome Master - ~1997 - HK

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Chrome Master - LX-II - HK

Made in Hong Kong

A fairly deceitful cassette tape. Words like "Chrome Master" which is the brand name on this tape and its model type "LX-II", almost like Maxell's "XL-II". It's a type ONE! Nonetheless, the manufacturer indicates it was produced using fine chromium particles, probably making it a super ferric kind of tape.

Oddly enough it sells on the web between $11.79 and $15.00 for a 60 minutes. The cassette shell is seemingly heavy and uses a pretty light and clear blue with darker blue hubs. Maybe this is why it's so pricey.

I don't the manufacturing year. I'm just guessing it was around 1997. If you have more info. on it, please share it with us. Thank you!