XHE Ultra & HD II - 1982

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Audio Magnetics XHE Ultra II & HD II - 1982

A series released for the Canadian market (maybe US as well?).

XHE released type I, II and IV tapes and were accepted as good quality cassette tapes. They also had a fairly unique packaging appeal, making them a favorite for nostalgic and collectible reasons. These are both excellent type II tapes. Very few available.

Type II : High Bias Chrome setting : 70us

About Audio Magnetics:

Audio Magnetics was a manufacturer of magnetic tape products based out of Switzerland. Very little is known about this company. Some of their 1978 released tapes were manufactured and distributed in Portugal and possibly released in the UK and Ireland.

If you have information about this company, please let us know so that we may share it with everyone else.

Audio Magnetics XHE Ultra & HD II - 1982