Audio Magnetics XHE 90 - Type I - 1979

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Audio Magnetics XHE 90 - Type I - 1979

A series released for the Canadian market (maybe US as well?).

XHE released type I, II and IV tapes and were accepted as good quality cassette tapes. They also had a fairly unique packaging appeal, making them a favorite for nostalgic and collectible reasons. This tape is rarely offered.

XHE stands for Extra High Energy suggesting a better than typical type I tape by Audio Magnetics. They high-lite their exclusive "Magnalinc TM" oxide results in extremely flat response and exceptional "headroom" characteristics critical for live recording applications. The tape also features a "jam-proof" mechanism that employs unique "Paraflo TM" guides for faultless transport.

Note: One available! The one you see in the pictures is the last one being offered. LAST ONE! The picture of the "opened" tape is similar to the actual one you will get. The difference is that this 1979 issue, the shell is smoke-transparent as opposed to black.

About Audio Magnetics:

Audio Magnetics was a manufacturer of magnetic tape products based out of Switzerland and very little else is known about this company. Some of their 1978 released tapes were manufactured and distributed in Portugal and possibly released in the UK and Ireland.

If you have information about this company, please let us know so that we may share it with everyone else.

Audio Magnetics XHE 90 - Type I - 1979