Grundig I - C90 ~1998 - US

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Grundig - Type I - C90 ~1998*

Grundig Type I Hi-Fi Quality 

*** LOW INVENTORY NOW *** November 29, 2022

(*) So little is known about this tape and when it was issued. Anyone with some pertinent information, please let us know, so that we may share it with everyone. I am guessing at the year of production and distribution to be circa mid 1990's, but it's a mere guess only. I will continue to look for more information on this tape, mainly the year it was released.
NOTE: (1) Just got informed by J.F. of Ontario, one website cites these were produced in the 1990's. I'll go with 1998. In order to create an SKU number for a specific item, I have to choose a year, so I'm going with 1998. I will change this according to other clues that may come in.

Initial findings about this tape: Made in China. Very smooth and glossy. Fairly dark magnetic tape. Good cut pancakes, quite smooth as well. Very good clear shell with screws. A very common black slip sheet, with white hubs and red securing clips. There are many visible signs of quality and now several feedback are swearing by its performance.

Note: Compare with $9.99 to $12.99... you know where. Not too many more available now. ONLY $2.88 each here. Get them while you can! 

About Grundig

Grundig is a German multinational corporation. Here's a partial historical timeline of the company:

1945 - Grundig started life as a traditional German company, founded in 1945, that achieved early fame with the Grundig radio.
1948 - The currency reform brings about a stable economic situation. The demand for consumer goods is enormous. Grundig makes its first complete radio, the Weltklang. Four tubes and six circuits ensure excellent reception.
1952 - The Heinzelmann was a success and Grundig was soon able to open a factory. This was soon followed by the first Grundig TV, developed for the first German television channel launched in 1952. In that same year Grundig developed the first portable tape recorder.
1955 - During the next decade the portable transistor Grundig radio, portable tape recorders, dictation machines and music players with stereo sound were all exciting new Grundig products at the cutting edge of consumer electronics.
1960 - In 1960 Grundig expanded beyond Germany for the first time, establishing a tape recorder factory in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 1960 also saw the launch of new TV channels and, in response, Grundig TVs were upgraded to receive VHF, as well as the first wireless ultrasound remote control. In the Audio sector Grundig introduced a modular system with separate components (radio, stereo amplifiers, record player, tape recorder, separate speaker units and even a 3-D sound device). Customers could build their own hi-fi system and incorporate it into their living room design.
1965 - Grundig established a second overseas factory in Portugal. By the following year Grundig had sold a total of 16.5 million appliances world-wide.
1967 - Saw the introduction of colour television and Grundig responded with a series of exciting products. Grundig introduced the compact cassette player in 1967 and later a cassette tape player for cars.
1972 - In 1972 Grundig GmbH became a shareholding company, Grundig AG. From this time the Philips electronics company began to gradually accumulate shares in Grundig.
1984 - By 1984 Philips had further increased its stake in Grundig and Max Grundig handed over the business management of the company.
For additional history about Grundig, go to:

Grundig - Type I - C90 ~1998 - US