NAV - P - C90 - ~1998 - CA

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NAV - Premium - C90 - CA

NAVP (Nationwide Audio & Video Premium C90 Tape)

Made in Canada.
29 Jutland Road, Etobicoke (Toronto), Ontario.

Made by Nationwide Electronics Ltd.
(Company still exists, ).
The tape is very well put together with noticeable high quality parts.

I cannot tell what year this tape was manufactured, but there is one clue. The address is in the former municipality of Etobicoke (1850-1998), but the address shown on the tape shows the address as being in Toronto. Etobicoke and four other cities amalgamated with Toronto in 1998. They were Etobicoke, Scarborough, York, East York, North York. At this time, most addresses were changed to show "Toronto" as the city, but it was not enforced.

Not much can be found on the internet about when these tapes were exactly made. If you have some knowledge about this company and these tapes, please let us know and we will share it with everyone else. Recently discovered that NAV also produced VHS tapes. Thank you.

NAVP Premium C90 Made in Canada. Only 3 available!