NAC FerroMaster C456 - 2019 - US

NAC FerroMaster C456 - 2019 - US
A brand new cassette from National Audio Company In The USA. Yes, the tape in this is brand new.

We got these in to give them a try, so if you're hankering to give them a try, at least we sell them in singles and are in Europe, so you don't have to buy 100 if you're only curious.

They don't come from NAC with cases, J-Cards or labels and EVERY shell is scratched (they came like that from NAC) so we've supplied some labels, a home made J-Card and a case. We're not charging for them, so don't complain if they're not perfect :-) NOTE: These are new, but not sealed

As for the tape, well, you need a deck with manual calibration facilities, these need lots of negative bias and level.

NAC FerroMaster C456 - 2019 - US