LG SHP - 1990s - SAM

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LG SHP - 1990s - SAM

Very little is known about this cassette. South American only.

Looks to be LGs version of the "Clown" cassette. The hubs are different colours!

But this is actually a proper SUPER FERRIC, nice looking and very hard to find. 

If you fancy some, get them now as I doubt we'll ever get more.

About Goldstar:

GoldStar was a South Korean electronics company established in 1958. The corporate name was changed to LG Electronics and LG Cable on February 28, 1995, after merging with Lucky Chemical. LG Cable was spun off from LG Electronics and changed its name to LS Cable in 2005.[1]

GoldStar manufactured a wide variety of products, including radiostelevisionsair conditionersMSX home computersvideocassette recordersvideo and audio cassette tapesmicrowave ovenselectronic typewritersintegrated circuitsescalatorselevatorsdehumidifiers, and tractors. GoldStar televisions became a commonly sold brand of consumer television sets in the United States in the 1980s.

GoldStar Precision was a division manufacturing electronic test equipment such as multi-meters and oscilloscopes and industrial electronics.[2] The name was changed to LG Precision with the merger with many of the same products and model numbers being produced but with new branding. The measuring device division was acquired by EZ Digital in 1999, again with identical or similar model numbers.[3] The industrial products continue under the company name LIG Nex1.

LG SHP - 1990s - SAM