GenExxa 31-2030 Equalizer

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GenExxa Optimus 31-2030 Equalizer by Inter TAN Inc. (Radio Shack)

This GenExxa Equalizer features:

  • The Genexxa 10-Band Stereo Graphic Equaliser gives you greater control over your audio system's sound. As you play or record an audio source, you can tailor the sound to suit your personal listening preferences or to compensate for poor recording quality, components, speaker placement, or the room's acoustics.
  • Your equalizer offers the following features:
  • - Stereo Image Enhancer – enhances the stereo effect.
  • - Spectrum Display — gives you a visual display of the sound level of each frequency band.
  • - Tape Dubbing — lets you copy a tape from one tape deck to the other.
  • - Tape Monitoring — lets you listen to the recorded sound.
  • - Bypass — lets you play and record without equalization.
  • - EQ Record — lets you record equalized and enhanced sounds while listening to unmodified sounds.
  • - Display Level Control — lets you adjust the display to give you the best picture of the sound levels for both the left and right channels.

- Made in Korea. Serial number: Will be posted later.

I will ship the Equalizer to most places in the world. Please send me an email with your request and address, and I will find the best possible shipping rate available.

GenExxa Optimus 31-2030 Equalizer

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