EQ Pro Type I C-90 (5-Pack). 2021 Issue. FOR UK ONLY.

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EQ Professional Type I C-90. Issue 2021 (5-Pack & 10-Pack)

FOR UK mainland customers only!
This OPTION is only for those living in England, Scotland and Wales.

Update: April 27/2021. The much loved Value Added Tax (VAT) has NOT been added into the price due to an oversight.
(1) This will push the price on one pack of 5 to by $3.10USD to $18.60USD
+ 20% on $6.90 Shipping = $8.28USD.
(2) This will bring up the price on two packs by $5.98USD to $35.88

+ 20% on $9.50 shipping = $11.40USD.

Sales are halted for the "UK only" option until a more viable way is possible. Sales from Canada to the UK and the world are still ON full force!

New Fresh Type I magnetic cassette tapes made in the UK!
NOTE: These will be available around May 17 in the UK, possibly sooner.
About Shipping: See bottom of the page!

Technical specifications now available at the bottom of this page! Visibly, it is a very smooth, shiny and dark tape. For many of us these characteristics sum up to one word... "Quality".

The cassette tape comes sealed within a standard clear plastic case, J-Card and labels as per the images available.

We are happy to bring this tape out to all tape enthusiasts, and we are confident it will not disappoint. It uses the best standard of magnetic tape currently available to the retail and professional music industry. We cannot wait to hear your comments about it.

Note: To UK mainland customers only. The shipping to these three countries is $6.90 for one or two packs of 5 tapes.
The shipping service to be used is as follows: “Royal Mail 2nd class non-tracked service” as opposed to a “tracked and signed for courier service” to keep costs down. Royal Mail 2nd class – takes usually 2-3 work days from posting to delivery at the other side.
Shipping charges may have to be modified manually by Cassette Comeback after you process the order and payment. We will make all necessary adjustments and credits to your account.

Current Rates available:
(1) 1 - 2 Packs of 5 : $6.90 USD
(2) 3 - 4 Packs of 5 : $9.50 USD

Rates for Northern Ireland and Ireland are as follows: Direct shipment from the manufacturer requires a minimum order of 100 tapes. Brexit and VAT taxes have killed this option as well. All shipping now from Canada only.