Dixons / AGFA DX90 - 1980s - EU

Dixons DX90 - 1980s - EU

Dixons was the UKs No1 Highstreet retailer until the turn of the millenium.

Their "Home" brand was Saisho, but before that was released they used to brand their own stuff.

So these will be "Type 0" garbage only then? Well, no. After investigation, we've come to the conclusion that these were made by AGFA.

The Made In West Germany blurb, the identical shell and light blue leader leasd us to believe that these are a close relation to the AGFA LNX.

Not a spectacular cassette at all, but decent and usable and if you're in the UK these will have pangs of nostalgia.

And they look retro cool too :-)

Dixons DX90 - 1980s - EU