Cassette Comeback M60 - 2000s - EU

Cassette Comeback M60 - 2000s - EU

OK, I never planned on selling these, but so many of you have mailed me asking how to get hold of one, I've relented...but that doesn't mean that you might not get one for free 😀

The history is I got these as NOS "duplicator" Type IV and "dressed" them up with home made labels and J-Cards to give away as promotional items.

Their performance is not amateurish though. These are a proper metal.

I did some research about their origins. The first thing that struck me is that they have the same shells and hubs as these Realistic Metals from the 80s.

There were also some "Phoenix" cassettes made in America about 10 years ago. These seem identical to those. You can read more about them here:

I'm not sure if they're the same, but either way it seems they're Samsung Metal tape in a Lenco shell...yes, it has Type IV holes for decks that auto detect the tape type.

I named them "M60" as they're a Metal and 60 minutes's not after my least favourite motorway in the UK.

Cassette Comeback M60 - 2000s - EU