Shipping Prices

We only ship Royal Mail - Tracked & Signed.

Shipping prices are done on weight. The price is Royal Mails price with around £1.50 added for packaging, labels etc

All orders are bubble wrapped and shipped in new boxes with packing peanuts added...except choosing THIN BOX & BUBBLEWRAP option.

If you choose the "THIN BOX & BUBBLEWRAP" option, to save on shipping for up to 3 cassettes, then please be aware there is a higher risk of damage with this option, so choose the "THICK BOX AND PACKING PEANUTS" option if you're worried about cosmetic damage or are buying high price cassettes. Refunds will not be entertained if the correct cassettes arrive, but have suffered damage in transit by choosing this option.

Each cassette, packaged, weighs about 90g, so you can see the rough cost in the table below: