Radio Shack MP-X - 1995 - US

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Radio Shack MP-X - 1995 - US

Type IV - Metal

This is in essence an OEM TDK MA-X tape from 1993~1995. Probably a fair bit rarer.

Note: These came in a 2-Pack, and NOT individually wrapped. As with other similar situations, these will be carefully and professionally re-sealed to protect the tape inside from outside elements and to avoid the case from getting scratches and dirt. These are unequivocally 100% brand new tapes.

Note: Choose which one you want. There is a choice A and a choice B
Only Choice B is available now.

About Radio Shack:

The Radio Shack brand for cassettes started with the name Supertape, then eventually they also used their very own same name, "Radio Shack", by Tandy Corporation. 

Radio Shack - MP-X - 1995 - US
Type IV - Metal