Aiwa Super Slim - 2000s - SAM

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Aiwa Super Slim - 2000s - SAM

Aiwa cassettes are hard to find, but I've never seen these before...probably because they were exclusive to the South American market.

Even though Aiwa was owned by Sony at this time, these were made by Raks. These perform very similar to the Raks DX, so they're a very decent "entry" Type 1.

All I can say for sure, is that this is one of rarest cassettes I have in stock. Once this lot is gone, doubt I'll ever see them again.


Aiwa (アイワ), is a consumer electronics brand, owned and used by various different companies in different regions of the world. American and other regions are owned by Chicago-based Aiwa Corporation. Towada Audio based in Tokyo owns rights in Japan and elsewhere and has been manufacturing Aiwa-branded products since 2017. In Mexico and other countries in Latin America, rights are owned by Audio Mobile Americas, S.A.

Aiwa was originally founded in 1951, and was once a globally well-regarded brand known for making quality audio products, such as speakers, boomboxes and stereo systems. It was the market leader in several product categories. Aiwa created the first Japanese cassette tape recorder in 1964. The company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange from October 1961 until September 2003.

The company became unprofitable in the late 1990s, and was fully bought by Sony in 2003. Aiwa was then rebranded as a new youth-focused division of Sony, but it was unsuccessful and the brand was discontinued by 2006. In 2015, an American audio company known as Hale Devices, Inc. was granted the rights to the brand name, with the company renaming itself Aiwa Corporation and starting to produce audio equipment.

Aiwa Super Slim - 2000s - SAM