SKC GX - 1990 - EU

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SKC GX - 1990 - EU

A brilliant, colourful, Type 1.

Dark tape that looks cobalt doped and the ability to take a decent amount of well as very 90s looks.

I recon these can sonically duke it out with an AD, but only with a clear shell, and better price :-)


SK Group (Korean: SK그룹, 에스케이그룹), also known as SK Holdings, is one of the largest conglomerates (chaebol) in South Korea. SK Group is composed of 95 subsidiary companies that share the SK brand and culture named SKMS (SK Management System). It changed its name from Sunkyong Group (Korean: 선경그룹, Hanja : 鮮京그룹) to SK Group in 1997.

SK Holdings ranked 57th in the 2013 Fortune Global 500.[3] SK Group has more than 70,000 employees who work from 113 offices worldwide. While its largest businesses are primarily involved in the chemical, petroleum, and energy industries, SK Group also owns South Korea's largest wireless mobile phone service provider, SK Telecom, and provides services in construction, shipping, marketing, local telephone, high-speed Internet, and wireless broadband (WiBro). On March 20, 2010, SK further broadened its range of business to semiconductors by merging Hynix into SK Hynix, the world's second largest memory semiconductor manufacturer.

SKC GX - 1990 - EU