Loran HB - 1990s - US

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Loran HB - 1990s - US

Loran were a US based plastics company.

They came up with great shells made out of Lexan. These made the cassettes really resistant to heat and abuse.

They used Agfa tape in them.

These are probably the last cassettes ever made by Loran. Why do I think this? Because there's a web address (now gone) on the J-Card, so this would date them in my my mind to at least 1995 if not later.

The shell is heavy and purports to be heat resistant. It has removable write protect tabs (a bit like the MA-R) too.

Uncommon in the USA and never available in Europe, these are not a common sight and I doubt I'll get more after this.

Loran HB - 1990s - US