Goodmans SFEI - 2000s - EU

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Goodmans SFEI - 2000s - EU

A cassette that is rarely seen outside of the UK.

Goodmans is an old UK electronics brand. At one point they had Nakamichi make their cassette decks!

Then they went downhill and although they're still around, they now do cheap stuff.

This is a superb cassette though!

The case & shell are not premium, but kind of attractive and the tape flow smoothly.

Very dark tape, looks cobalt doped, smooth tape pack and these perform like the Super Ferric it claims to be, to my ears. Recorded peaking at +6 in a Revox, these didn't distort but seemed to ADD bass!

So know that they don't look premium, but they're not common at all and sound superb!

PLEASE NOTE - The wrappers on these are fragile, so there will be slight cosmetic damage.

Goodmans SFEI - 2000s - EU